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Studio Piet is the open company of the Swiss/German designer Jan Knopp. The work focuses on design, storytelling, knowledge transfer and format development as well as architecture and urban strategy. In interdisciplinary cooperation with artists, architects, researchers, photographers and designers, Studio Piet successfully designs and develops for clients from design, architecture, business, culture and education. 

-> We call it Craft 
A collection of works with the agency Mé. For customers like vitra, deSede and inapa. Publications, live communication, packaging or paper sample collection.  
-> The future is what confuses us, when we are two 
A publication on the DA Festival Hamburg, Vienna and Basel. 
Ed. J. Knopp and O. Rossel. Sedici Publisher. ISBN 978-3-906912-26-4 
-> A Newspaper About :) Postindustrial melancholia
Together with B. Kniel and D. Pfammatter. 
Sedici Publisher ISBN 978-3-906912-02-8 
-> Charrette Gretag Next. As part of "Team Zurich, Basel", Jan Knopp/Studio Piet works together with the architects Tanja Reimer, Lisa Euler, Johann Reble, Daniel Baur and urban researcher Philippe Koch on the transformation of the 3.6ha industrial area Gretag Next, Regensdorf.
-> Stadtwerkstatt Basel. Together with the Basel Creative Director Hans-Jörg Walter he develops the Stadtwerkstatt. Under the motto "We are the eternal wasteland - the time of results is over", a place of process-oriented urban development is being created. 
-> Re-branding the EU. Together with Berlin photographer Claudia Klein, he is invited to work with artists and creatives such as Wolfgang Tillmans and Rem Koolhaas at the Forum on European Culture in Amsterdam to further develop the re-branding of the EU and Europe.  
-> Perché Palermo. Together with the booksellers Iris Müller (MüllerPalermo) and designer Benjamin Kniel, he developed and publishes (Sedici Verlag) the book project "Perché Palermo" as part of Manifesta12 2018 in Palermo. 
-> Tutorial Film Festival. As DA Institute with Michael Tatschl, Rebekka Kiesewetter and Oli Rossel he plans and conceives the first Tutorial Film Festival in Switzerland, 2019.
-> BaselCampus. With Dr. Tina Haisch (Institute for Nonprofit and Public Management FHNW) he is implementing a transdisciplinary innovation project for the Rhine axis Switzerland - France - Germany.
-> Studio Clash. A design agency as an assertion for four weeks. With creative refugees from all over the world in Basel. Cultural clash, innovation and creation in a joint attempt to be active in design. For customers from Germany and Switzerland. From and with the eyes of migrants and long-established creatives.   
-> Storytelling Through Design. Workshops and lectures on communication for cultural and design institutions with the involvement of students and staff. (HyperWerk)
-> Format development. Communication through reasons/events - development of different formats. For example HyperMagazine, Idea Beer, PingKong, GuerillaGardening or DA FESTIVAL. (HyperWerk)
-> Lectures and Workshops. Publishing as a design practice, Tape Battle and Making a Public (together with Rebekka Kiesewetter). (HGK FHNW)
-> Project development and management. With Prof. Dr. Sabine Fischer, lecturer at the SFGBB in the Department of Interaction Design 
(SFG BB, since 2015) 
-> Lecture "Brotlos bleibt, wer keines holt." About the value of remuneration for projects, project work and how to earn money with projects at all. 
(AfaP, 2018)
-> Coaching. StartUp consulting for companies like youtrition or Vivo
(2016 - 2018)

After graduating as a designer (FH) and copywriter, he worked for agencies such as Leo Burnett, DraftFCB, ROD, DDB Tribal and Mutabor. 2010 he founds the design agency Karl Anders GmbH in Hamburg together with Claudia Fischer-Appelt and Lars Kreyenhagen. In 2010 he will be appointed lecturer for communication at HyperWerk HGK FHNW in Basel. In the same year, together with others, he founded the creative business incubator Stellwerk St. Johann Basel, from which LKW AG emerged, of which Jan Knopp was Chief Communications Officer until 2014. In 2013 he founds the design agency Mé in Basel. 2014/2015 he advises the architecture studio Focketyn del Rio on the winning project "Ein Haus für alle. Und das Neue." for the reconstruction of the barracks in Basel. Until September 2017 he was a member of the management team and a lecturer in storytelling and communication at the Academy of Art and Design in Basel, Institute HyperWerk. With Maxiversity he was part of the School of Everything, Documenta14 in Kassel. Since 2015 he has been a member of the jury for the DDC Award in changing roles. 
In 2006 he founded the subversive marketing association REH4 and the online magazine ABOUT GREAT PEOPLE together with others. In 2010 he organizes the Kongress für Anders, founded the harbour bar MARINA with others and in 2012, together with the association WE FLASH, he transformed the Galerie Beyeler in Basel. In 2016 he is one of the founders of the Stadtprojekt association, Sedici Verlag and Maxiversity - the world's smallest university. 2017 he organizes the DA Festival in Basel, Vienna and Hamburg together with HyperWerk and his team. Since Since 2018 he has been co-president of the Stadtwerkstatt association.
PUBLICATION (selection)
-> Workbays. Editing, concept, design. Published by Vitra. 
-> Landi Chair. Editing, concept, design. Published by Vitra. 
-> Design will do. Edited by J. Knopp and Prof. M. Schaub, HyperWerk HGK FHNW ISBN 978-3-
-> Museum of Speculative Cultures. Museum der Kulturen Basel, 2253, together with Prof. M. Spielmann. Sedici Publisher 
-> Random Shots of Light, Sedici Publishing/Blurb. ISBN 978-1-36-459511-1 
-> What you see, when you don't. Sedici Publishers / Blurb. ISBN 978-1-36-459502-9

Jan Knopp
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Studio Piet
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German Design Award
Special Mention
2015, 2016
German Design Award
2014, 2015
Red Dot Award
DDC Award
2013, 2014